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August, 980 A.D. A group of Viking colonists make it to the New World to start a new life. They bring with them a vast treasure to establish the new colony. Luck is not on their side and these explorers vanish without a trace.


Present day. Sheriff's Deputy Mitch Stone just wants a peaceful weekend sail with his friends on his new boat. The weekend turns into a fight for their lives as they uncover a diabolical plot to kill every human on the planet. Using newly developed nanotechnology the conspirators intend on destroying the world's population and every sign of human existence and our hero must fight danger at every turn to prevent the unthinkable.


Mitch must rely on his training, skills, and friends to stop this Malthusian Conspiracy and in the process he discovers the log book of the Viking leader's ship and discovers the mystery of a Viking presence in America centuries before Columbus.

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