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In the final days of World War II, a series of strange coincidences happen in the jungles of Thailand. First, all the prisoners of a Japanese POW camp escape at once.


Then a train loaded with stolen gold from Burma is stopped near the prison camp and some of the gold is stolen again. Finally, a plane carrying the camp's commandant and the gold takes off from a hastily constructed airfield and heads southeast.


Nearly seventy years later Mitch Stone is on vacation in Thailand and learns of a local legend about a plane full of gold at the bottom of the sea. While he searches for the truth behind the legend, he discovers a diabolical plot to use genetically engineered bacteria to extort money from the world's industrial powers.


Mitch faces skepticism from the locals who believe the waters are cursed and death from the modern day plague in his efforts to disprove an old myth and stop a new threat to mankind.

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